Brant & Cochran – South Portland

Brant & Cochran is the only company in the world hand-forging Maine wedge pattern axes these days! There used to be a vibrant edge tool industry in Maine, but it dwindled to nothing in the 1960’s. Their goal is to honor that heritage by bringing quality axe-making back to Maine and there’s certainly not a lack of demand! Mark Ferguson, one of the partners behind Brand & Cochran, approached the Maine SBDC for help putting together an expansion plan in order to keep up with the heavy demand behind this heritage idea! Read More

Bare Bones Handsewn – Lewiston

Bare Bones Handsewn is a very small team of outstandingly skilled craftspeople who are working earnestly to nurture and encourage the pride, history, and integrity of Maine shoe manufacturing community. Renee Robitaille and partner Roland Gauthier love having the creative freedom to practice fine shoe-making while celebrating the skills learned from past generations of family and mentors. But like many entrepreneurs, they have found it challenging to find solutions for each small challenge that arose throughout the day. And when they quickly needed to expand to cover their new wholesale orders she reached out to the Maine SBDC for help! Read More

Evolution K9 – Sangerville

Three dogs sit patiently waiting for a cue from their trainer who is standing on the side with their hand up. Melissa Pitcher opened her business, Evolution K9-Maine, to help guide and educate pet owners. They offer dog training and daycare services that allow pet owners to better understand and improve their relationships with their pets.  Read More

Gray Urgent Care – Gray

Gray Urgent Care recently opened its doors providing non-emergent medical evaluations, unencumbered by bureaucracy. Teaming up to make it happen is Patricia Kittredge; a Family Nurse Practitioner and a local who saw the medical need in the area, and Anna Kittredge; a Physician Assistant, with 18 years experience as a PA in emergency medicine and 12 years as a medical officer in the Army. Read More

Maine SBDC Releases 2022 Results: Supporting and empowering entrepreneurs throughout the state

Maine SBDC 2022 annual report graphic featuring Maine couple on rocky beach with paddle board. Includes Maine SBDC red and blue logo and 2022 theme "Rethinking & Reimaging".

February 28, 2023

Today the Maine Small Business Development Centers (Maine SBDC) announces the release of its annual report for 2022.

The report showcases the achievements and impact of Maine SBDC’s efforts in supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses through business advising, training and resources. The report also highlights individual entrepreneurs, illustrating the transformative effect that Maine SBDC’s services can have on small businesses and the broader community.

In 2022, business advisors across Maine provided no-cost, confidential business advising to 2,284 entrepreneurs and small businesses. They spent over 10,000 hours helping clients to start 129 new businesses, save and create 591 jobs, and access $30.3 million in funding.Read More

King Eider’s Pub – Damariscotta

Scott McArdle & Damon Waltz have been close friends and co-workers in the food industry for years. They’ve been building up experience in different positions at a variety of locations, but have been long-time employees at King Eider’s Pub in Damariscotta. They truly knew the restaurant industry inside & out, co-managing & growing together – but when the opportunity to purchase King Eider’s arose, it put the business in a new light. The existing owners were committed to the transition and understood the value Scott & Damon brought, but they wanted to fully understand the risks & challenges that came along with the opportunity.  Read More

Networking For People Who Hate It

A group of 4 young professionals in an office building.  A young caucasian man and woman are smiling in the background, while a young man of African descent is wearing a buttoned-down white shirt and a gray blazer, smiling and shaking hands with a blond-haired Caucasian woman wearing a teal blue blazer.Some of the best parts of networking are meeting people from all backgrounds, building your business, finding new clients, and getting your name out there, but it can also be an uncomfortable experience. If you’re an introvert, networking may be one of your least favorite activities. So here are some tips and tricks to make it effective and as stress-free as possible!

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Rangeley Adventure Co. – Rangeley

Michelle and Seth Laliberte are passionate educators who have enjoyed the Rangeley Region for over 20 years. And like so many others, the COVID pandemic had them re-evaluating their career and life goals. Having always dreamed of owning a small store they began exploring the options in their local area. Simultaneously, the owner of “Ecopelagicon” in Rangely was looking to retire after 29 years of providing gifts and outdoor gear. Read More

Developing Your Brand Identity

Did you know that establishing your brand identity is crucial to your marketing strategy and helps you better articulate your brand image? After all, the brand’s personality and originality are what people remember about your company and how your customers recognize and experience your business. 
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SerenityME – Portland

SerenityME logo has the name in light green, above it is a circle outline in the same color with a slack of rocks inside in various earth tones.  White background full frame imageLike so many others, Greg Dulac found himself both over and underwhelmed when the COVID pandemic began. While recovering from his experience in the corporate world he developed an appreciation for mindfulness. He saw the need in the community for those dealing with stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues to access tools to help manage these challenges. And so SerenityMe was started! A mindfulness business focused on providing meditation, yoga and body work. However, they are not a typical studio/wellness facility. While individual customers are welcome, their primary focus is on businesses that want to provide their employees with access to mindfulness-based tools to improve focus and productivity. Something all Maine SBDC clients could benefit from! Read More