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Small Business Resources Now Available in Multiple Languages

The Maine Small Business Development Centers (Maine SBDC), a statewide program that helps entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses, announces the development of small business resources now available in English, French and Somali.

Ressources disponibles en français

Ressources disponibles en français – Resources available in French Vous souhaitez réussir et vous sentir compétent et confiant vis-à-vis de ce que vous êtes sur le point de faire. C’est la raison pour laquelle nous avons développé ces outils pour vous. 

Khayraadka Lagu Heli karo Af-Somali

Khayraadka Lagu Heli karo Af-Somali (Resources Available in Somali) Waxaad rabtaa inaad ku guulaysato ganacsigaaga oo aad dareento karti iyo kalsooni inaad u leedahay waxa aad qabanayso. Taasi waa sababta aan adiga kuugu samaynay qalabkan. 

Are there grant funds for my business?

Funding a new or existing business using grant funds is often a very attractive prospect for any business owner. Grants seem to be the silver bullet for a business to get funds without having to worry about paying the money back or putting your own money into the business. Grants opportunities seem to be everywhere… Read more »

Breggia Sanitation – Portland

Gino Breggia approached the Maine SBDC in July of 2021 seeking financial advice to be able to open his own sanitation business. A Portland native, Gino moved out of state to explore career opportunities. He spent time in New York, where he got his introduction to the world’s largest sanitation department, before spending many years… Read more »

Maine Adventure Co. – Brunswick

Trevar & David Haefele are a father/son team with a passion for the outdoors and a desire to increase sustainable accessibility to the natural beauty Maine has to offer. With diverse life experience in leadership, personal development, and coaching, both Trevar & David are in an excellent position to bring their passion to others. 

Retro Roadtripper – Kennebunk

Retro Roadtripper Logo Maine SBDC

Joshua Hrehovcik the photographer behind Retro Roadtripper, a photography and media company, reached out to the Maine SBDC for help marketing his business. He connected with Maine SBDC Business Advisor Anne Lancaster, who covers York County, and together they discussed his business plan and whether or not the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) would… Read more »