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Happy Retirement to Business Advisor Brad Swanson

As a Master Certified Business Advisor at CEI located in our Brunswick & Augusta offices, Brad has been an integral part of the Maine SBDC staff for 30 years. He’s helped over 2,977 entrepreneurs and small business owners to start 158 new businesses, save or create 1, 682 jobs and obtain over $85 million in… Read more »

Lessons Learned: Top 6 Trends Impacting Businesses

The fifth part of an ongoing series of blog posts on lessons learned from COVID 19. The pandemic created new trends and business models that changed priorities and planning for small business owners. These are the top 6 business trends that will impact your business in 2021 and beyond. As the pandemic hit and in… Read more »

Lessons Learned:  Online Sales and Marketing 

The fourth part of an ongoing series of blog posts on lessons learned from Covid 19. This week we focus on how the pandemic created new opportunities for small businesses to expand their customer base and increase sales. E-commerce has been steadily increasing for years, but when the pandemic hit in 2020 this trend went… Read more »

Lessons Learned: Designing the Workplace After The Pandemic

The third in a series of blog posts on lessons learned by small businesses throughout Covid 19 As more pandemic restrictions are lifted and a return to normal operations is in reach, employers and employees are both wondering what the new normal will look like.  The question on everyone’s mind is, “what will the workplace… Read more »

Lessons Learned: What Does it Mean to “Pivot”

Small Business owners hanging out around the word PIVOT

The second in a series of blog posts of what the small business community learned from COVID-19. This week we are exploring what it takes to pivot successfully?  And why can some businesses in the same industry do this better than others?   The word “pivot” was heard repeatedly throughout the pandemic.  And while sometimes overused,… Read more »

Tips to Navigating the Labor Shortage

Hiring Sign

You are not alone. The labor shortage has been crippling for small businesses across Maine. While the crisis is not new, the pandemic has amplified the problem. There is a variety of contributing factors to the labor situation including the availability of childcare, housing, and foreign workers. While nearly 7 out of 10 pandemic job… Read more »

Lessons Learned:  Weathering the Financial Storm

Weathering the Financial Storm

The first in a series of blog posts of what the small business community learned from Covid 19 Economic downturns have been a regular but painful part of small business ownership. Yet unlike other recessions, Covid 19 hit Main Street businesses first and hit them hardest. When it comes to financing your business, this advice… Read more »

Lessons Learned – A Series

Lessons Learned

Over the last 16 months, Maine small business owners were put to the test by a global pandemic. Over the next few months, the SBDC will offer a series of articles focused on the lessons learned from one of the most challenging years in our collective history. Look for posts on how to finance a… Read more »

Why Customer Service Matters This Summer

After a trying year, tourists and locals alike are looking forward to enjoying all that Maine has to offer. Thankfully, things are looking up this summer tourism season and Maine is expected to have a bustling summer.  As we prepare, we have to keep in mind the individual struggles people have experienced over the past… Read more »