Things we wish we knew – Blog series

Title imageSometimes clients reach out to the SBDC after they realize they made a mistake while starting or running their business.  As advisors and former business owners ourselves, we know the feeling.  Owning a business means having to learn a lot on the fly, and sometimes you don’t get it right. But you’re not alone because many of us have been down that road before you.

In this blog series, we’re writing about some of the things we, our friends, family, clients and colleagues wish they knew before starting their own businesses. We’ll include topics like overly optimistic financial projections, under-capitalization,  trying to please everyone with your product or service, not investing in the right kind of marketing, skipping legal review of contracts and more! 

Our first topic addresses one of the most common errors – jumping in before you’re ready. Our post on Essential Steps to Take Before Launching your Business will help you avoid these pitfalls.

Because sometimes, it’s easier to learn from other people’s mistakes…….

People talking to each other with paper in front of themPART 1  – ESSENTIAL STEPS BEFORE YOU START A BUSINESS