Black Diamond Detailing – Lewiston

Black Diamond Detailing Lewiston LogoAbdinur Mohamed and Abdirahman Saeed of Black Diamond Detailing are not only business partners but also friends with a shared interest in cars. They decided to pursue their dreams together and start a business that would provide convenient and reasonably priced auto detailing services. The two partners knew that starting a business was challenging and they needed to utilize the resources available to them.

Photo of Abdinur Mohamed and Abdirahman Saeed of Black Diamond DetailingAbdinur and Saeed were a part of the 2021 Lewiston Auburn Metro Chamber of Commerce’s Top Gun competition, a 12-week entrepreneurship acceleration program. From there they connected with Maine SBDC at AVCOG Center Director and Business Advisor Lori Allen for help putting together three years of financial projections. They had been running a mobile car detailing business and were looking for ways to open a year-round physical location. Working with Lori, they analyzed industry data to compare pricing, while digging into funding options available to small businesses such as grants and loans. They were also introduced to various professional networks, which would prove to be valuable resources in the future.

After several months of planning and hard work, they were awarded a $10K CDBG grant which enabled them to expand their services.  And in November 2022, they opened the first Black-owned, Somali-owned car detailing business at 409 Sabattus St in Lewiston! They’d looked at locations in other parts of the state but, having both grown up in Lewiston, it was important to them to stay in their community.

Collage of services provided by Black Diamond Detailing. White car being washed, business owners, car being cleaned inside, and picture of clean tan car seats.

Abdinur and Abdirahman commented: “Our objective is to establish a long-term presence and create numerous job opportunities for the youth in our community while providing convenient detailing for your vehicle at any time. Whether at home or work, our services provide a choice of packages at reasonable prices for all makes and models.”

With their commitment to excellent customer service, Abdinur, and Abdirahman quickly gained a loyal customer base, and their business continues to thrive. Their experience is a testimony to the power of hard work, dedication, and seeking help from the right resources.

Abdinur and Abdirahman commented: “With the help of SBDC, we were able to access financial resources, professional networks, and much-needed breathing room. SBDC offers comprehensive assistance in all areas of business, making them an excellent resource for anyone seeking guidance, financial support, or other business-related help. We highly recommend them to anyone in need of expert advice and support for their business endeavors. In addition, Lori’s guidance in setting monthly business goals has been invaluable in keeping us on track towards our objectives.”

To learn more about their services check out their website and Facebook page!