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TGN Detailing logoHave you ever gotten your vehicle detailed and felt the stress of dropping your vehicle off for service and not having access to your vehicle for a full day? Anyone who has gotten their vehicle detailed will tell you this is the biggest downside to the service. Although many people take pride in their vehicles and want clean rides, sometimes the hassle of not having a vehicle to use during the day stops people dead in their tracks. This inconvenience is what sparked Taylor Nadeau’s creative juices to open a mobile detailing business. Nadeau has been detailing vehicles on the side for years and has worked for local dealerships in the past, and in his experience, it was always a challenge getting clients to drop off and leave their vehicle for any extended amount of time. Nadeau saw the inconvenience this caused clients as an opportunity for himself.

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In January of 2018, Nadeau approached Josh Nadeau of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Northern Maine Development Commission where he pitched his business plan. The SBDC helped answer a lot of my preliminary business questions as far as getting a formal business established, said Taylor. It was with the SBDC that I also formulated a business plan with complete financial projections for the first year of business. “Detailing cars as a side gig is one thing but getting done your day job and diving into this as my only source of income was a scary thought. The time I spent working on projections really helped me to feel more at ease about taking the next big step into self-employment. “

TGN Detailing - Maine SBDC TGN Detailing - Maine SBDC

Taylor Nadeau financed his initial loan with Northern Maine Development Commission which allowed him to purchase all of the equipment he needed to offer the mobile service. After 8 full months of operation, Nadeau has detailed over 200 vehicles throughout Aroostook County. “I’ve traveled as far south as Concord, New Hampshire and as far north as Fort Kent.” In addition to the mobile service, Nadeau also has indoor space in Caribou to detail vehicles throughout the colder months as well. He’s also recently started offering an undercoating service to protect client’s undercarriages from the harsh Northern Maine winter as well.

TGN Detailing - Maine SBDC

If you or someone you know needs a thorough clean for your car, truck, or suv; give Taylor a call and experience the TGN Detailing difference. For more information on this business and the services provided please check out the company’s Facebook page at TGN Detailing. Taylor can also be contacted by phone at 207-762-0340 or email at

TGN Detailing - Maine SBDC