Swanson Consulting & Associates – Trenton, ME

Swanson Consulting & Associates LogoTerri Swanson has successfully held several professional roles over her career. In March 2018, she decided it was time to fulfill her dream and utilize her experience in a new way. With a passion for helping people, she started her own Human Resources consulting business, Swanson Consulting & Associates.

Terri was in the beginning stages when she met Certified Business Advisor Shannon Byers.  In Shannon, Terri found someone who could give feedback, ask questions that would generate ideas, and be supportive of her new business.  Together, the pair worked through the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition. This work together provided a visual guide to better understand the business and helped identify critical areas of focus in order to be successful.

Terri SwansonWith her drive, willingness to learn, and Shannon’s guidance, Terri has developed a successful business.  Terri is motivated and passionate about the work she does to help people and businesses thrive. Each time the pair meet, Terri reports another success such as the completion of a workshop series with leaders of a Maine business, a new connection, or an opportunity to be a keynote speaker. 

Terri has said her meetings with Shannon are like a massage…if she misses one, she feels it.  Sometimes having someone to talk about your business and share your success and fears is all you need to keep motivated and moving forward.

Terri resides in Trenton, Maine with her husband, two children, and four-legged furry friend Hazel Mae.

Business Advisor: Shannon Byers 

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