Six Last-Minute Ideas for Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday helps promote Maine communities and the businesses that make them special. It’s a great day to highlight your business and show how much you appreciate your customers. It provides a unique opportunity for small businesses throughout Maine to increase holiday sales. Use Small Business Saturday to generate sales, foot traffic and visibility for your small business. 

Support Maine Small Businesses! Small Business Saturday - maine sbdc

Here are some last-minute ideas to help make it successful: 

1. Get the official materials

Make sure you list your business on the official Small Business Saturday website. Get the official materials and display them proudly. Make sure that it is obvious that your business is open and welcoming for potential customers.

2. Create a special offer:

Provide a discount or a gift with sales that will encourage shoppers to stop in and purchase.

3. Focus on digital outreach:

Social media is a great way to communicate your plans for Small Business Saturday. Use your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to let your followers know that you are participating, will be open and excited about this day focused on community. Don’t forget to use the hashtag: #shopsmall

Don’t forget your email list: Send an email update to your customer list to keep them in the loop!

4. Provide a unique in-store experience:

Provide tired shoppers with treats – coffee or snacks go a long way. Have a fishbowl giveaway. Offer gift-wrapping. Provide something special for shoppers to create a memorable experience. Small Business Saturday is a unique opportunity to provide top-notch customer service and create loyal, repeat customers.

5. Coordinate with other local businesses:

Reach out to your neighboring businesses to create a unique offer or incentive to encourage foot traffic or purchase. You could team up with a local restaurant or café, or give your neighbor’s customers a special incentive to stop in. Get creative!

6. Don’t forget your regulars:

Your regular customers are a valuable asset for your business. Make sure they know that you are participating in Small Business Saturday. Let them know what exciting items and offers you will be featuring. To entice them to come back in, offer them a special deal just for them as a thank you. Let them know you appreciate their business.  

Use the momentum of Small Business Saturday to generate new customers for your business. If done well, these customers could keep coming back! Feel free to reach out to your Maine SBDC business advisor who would be happy to help brainstorm creative ideas to get the most out of this community-focused day.