Reflections From Our Team on SBDC Day

Reflections From Our Team on SBDC Day - Maine SBDCSBDCs work with hundreds of thousands of small businesses in local communities across the country each year. While our impact is quantifiable, what’s behind those numbers comes straight out of the hearts and minds of our business advisors. For SBDC Day this year, we asked the Maine SBDC business advisors about their own experience and the impact our clients have on them. Though they are scattered across the state, with diverse backgrounds and experiences, their responses were similar: YOU – you and your business inspire our team each and every day.

We will soon be releasing our 2021 impact statistics and the Maine SBDC Annual Report. But today, we wanted to hear from advisors about what it’s like from their perspective, and here is what some of them had to say:

Their favorite thing about being a business advisor is….

Chris C: My favorite thing about being a business advisor is – I get so excited to meet entrepreneurs, listen to their needs, and discover how I can best be of service to them.

Shannon B: My favorite thing about being a business advisor is being a small part of helping people realize their dream of starting a business.

Lori: My favorite thing is meeting so many incredibly hardworking, committed, and visionary people.

Alison L: My favorite thing about being a business advisor is….getting to work with such a diverse group of entrepreneurs and never knowing what a day of conversations is going to bring.  

Jenn S: The variety of people and businesses I get to work with. 

Susan D: My favorite thing about being a business advisor is that I actually know that through my advising I made a direct impact or difference in their business. I get to see firsthand how clients have felt desperate, discouraged, and overwhelmed when they came to us for help and then many leave thanking me for helping them! I have been called a “lifeline” for them and their business….extremely humbling and sometimes I would say emotional and this is why I do what I do.

When asked to reflect on the positive impact they have made…

Jenn S: By helping clients navigate starting and growing small businesses in Maine.

Alison L: I make a positive impact by…helping my clients realize they are not on an island.  All business owners struggle, but they hide it well from the public eye.  Many don’t realize how impressive they actually are, so I love to be the person to tell them that news!

Lori A: I help people take their dreams and make them a reality.

Chris C: I make a positive impact by sharing my experiences as a former business owner and providing clients with the resources to succeed.

Interestingly, our advisors have unique highlights which include businesses at all stages. 

Chris C: The highlight of advising for me is helping clients turn their vision into a sustainable business.

Ann M: The highlight of advising for me is… listening to client hopes and dreams; I am honored that clients entrust me to share this part of their journey with me.

Jenn S: Hearing success stories when the work we’ve done together results in a bank loan approval or a good hire, etc.

Lori A: When a client succeeds – however they define their success!

Of course, they had no problem gushing over each other when asked how their fellow business advisor impress them… 

Chris C: My fellow business advisors impress me with their depth of knowledge and desire to never stop learning.

Lori A: My fellow advisors are SO smart and passionate about what they do. I am always learning from them.

Jenn S: They think outside the box for solutions to help small businesses.

But they’re all here for the same reason: to support our clients! So it was no surprise when asked how our clients inspire them, that so many of their answers overlapped!

Raynor L: Our clients inspire me with their… resilience and ingenuity. It’s been a dynamic few years, but the constant change has only emphasized their drive to succeed, creativity, and willingness to try new things. It’s humbling to work alongside Maine’s entrepreneurs! 

Chris C: Our clients inspire me with their passion and drive to create businesses that are not only innovative but also have a social impact.

Ann M: Our clients inspire me with their… Passion for their business, their creativity, and their resiliency.

Lori A: Clients inspire me with their tenacity and persistence, often overcoming huge obstacles to achieve their business goals.

Jenn S: Their creativity, motivation and work ethic.

Alison L: Raynor stole my “clients impress me with their resilience” answer.

So this SBDC Day – Here’s to our business advisors; who bring knowledge, kindness, and humor to each advising meeting, webinar, and email