October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

SmallBusinesses_5Protect your business and your customers from growing cybersecurity threats. Small businesses are an easy target for cyberattacks as they have weaker security and therefore it is easier to gain access to their information, systems and networks. 

Small Business Cybersecurity Defensive Measures:

Train and educate employees
Establish basic security practices and policies for your employees such as strong passwords, internet use guidelines and established rules detailing the handing and protection of customer data. Train employees to be alert for email and phishing scams. Be clear on the consequences if these policies are not followed.

Protect computers and networks from cyber attacks.
Secure your company computers by ensuring each have malware, spyware and firewall software installed. Prevent access to networks on non-business computers. Also consider encrypting all sensitive data and emails. Keep computers updated.

Back up Data Regularly
Be sure to back up data regularly so that if information is lost or compromised it can easily be recovered. 

Why is this important for your small business?
Most businesses are dependent on the internet for day-to-day operations. Just one breach could potentially put you out of business. 

A small reminder — cyber threats are not always outside your business. Be sure to have appropriate internal controls in place to prevent employee fraud.

Looking for more info on protecting your business from cyber threats?  

The U.S. SBA has compiled a ton of helpful information. The National Cyber Security Alliance also has some helpful information for businesses.