New England Iron Pollo – Bangor

New England Iron Pollo LogoWhen Alberto Mateo moved to Maine in 2022, he brought extensive experience in the food industry. After experiencing Maine’s popularity as a foodie state, Alberto wanted to start a business that celebrated Maine’s rich history as the former chicken capital of the world (a commonly forgotten fact) and also incorporated his heritage with Caribbean Latino flavors. His new business, New England Iron Pollo in Bangor, brings these elements together in a flavorful menu specializing in cast iron-broiled chicken.

Delicious sandwich with lime and dipping sauce at New England Iron PolloFrom the beginning, Alberto sought guidance from Business Advisor Chris Cole at the Maine Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Alberto initially envisioned opening a casual brick-and-mortar restaurant featuring American Latino cuisine. However, after meticulous planning sessions with Chris, Alberto pivoted towards a more agile and cost-effective approach: a food truck. Undeterred, Alberto and Chris worked together to meticulously craft a business plan, navigate financial projections, secure grant funds, and tackle licensing requirements.The orange food truck of New England Iron Pollo

Chicken served at New England Iron PolloTheir dedication and resourcefulness culminated in the grand opening of New England Iron Pollo in July of 2023, bringing a burst of Latino flavors to the Bangor area. Alberto’s thorough research and planning, coupled with the guidance of both Chris Cole and Grace Mo-Phillips at CEI, propelled his vision into reality. Alberto’s relentless pursuit of excellence extends beyond his culinary skills. It’s rooted in a commitment to community, quality, and sustainability. From compostable utensils to eco-conscious packaging, New England Iron Pollo champions environmental stewardship by embracing environmentally friendly practices. He commits to providing his customers with quality, having great ingredients imported directly from Latin America regularly.

 Tray of meats, corn, and potatoes served at New England Iron PolloAlberto describes Chris as “una bendicion” which translates to “A Blessing.” He comments, “When starting a Business I needed all the help I can get from experience professionals. I always say why would I fail at something that someone else already has the answer to.” He continued, “Without the SBDC and without Chris It would have taken me years to do what I have done in such a short time. Once again Information is KEY and the SBDC is offering great information at no cost.”

The future looks promising for Alberto and he is excited to make New England Iron Pollo a household name in Maine (and beyond!). Alberto has recently added catering services.  “For a flavorful and memorable experience New England Iron Pollo Catering for your next special event will leave your guests in awe of Flavors”. 

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