COVID Stories: My-FIT-24 in Gorham | Heath & Fitness

COVID has caused massive disruptions in the way we all do business. Businesses throughout Maine are finding unique and interesting ways to connect with their customers, find new revenue streams, and keep their businesses afloat. Want to share how your business is pivoting? Contact us here.

My-Fit-24 Logo Stacey and Jesse Coleman own My-FIT-24, a 24-hour fitness facility located in Gorham.  Started in 2007, My-FIT-24 provides access to fitness equipment, personal training, and group classes. The couple and their team are passionate about creating sustainable fitness solutions for their clients and community. Their programs are based on science to provide safe and effective workouts.

How they have pivoted:

WhileMy-Fit-24 Virtual Training  the entire fitness industry was thrown into a state of panic, Jesse and Stacey pivoted quickly and got to work preparing online solutions. In two weeks, the couple had designed and rolled out the transition to virtual. By providing live remote classes, on-demand classes, customized programming through integrated apps, learning course access, and remote personal training, they were able to retain most of their active membership and even attract some new guests from locations they previously could not service.  They also kept their full-time staff onboard during the process.

The transition was not an easy one, and it will likely be a long time before normal operations will be able to resume with everyone feeling comfortable to return to the gym.  Even with all of these extra value services available, the impact on the community at large has been very real, and many people have been forced to trim expenses in any way they can.  The long term financial burden remains to be seen, but by focusing on new ways to over-deliver on value, Stacey and Jesse have stabilized their business and ensured its future.

Key to Success:

Close connection with clients | Ability, access, and skills to use online tools

More information:

Maine SBDC Business Advisor: Peter Harriman