Mrs. Maine 2012 happy Maine SBDC client

From Letter to the Editor in The Sanford News (11/9/16)

Small Business Development Center helped her succeed

To the editor:

I became Mrs. Maine in 2012 thanks in part to my platform. Now I strive to help others to find their self confidence and to experience the growth to do what they love.

In 2013 our fourth child was born. Staying at home and raising our children has been a blessing, but I felt the need to follow my own platform advice. As the children grew and the financial burden of day care became less and less an option, I realized that I wanted to help my husband with the financial burden and do the work that I love.

Turning to Sanford‘s Small Business Development Center has been a blessing! The first time I reached out, I was denied. My business plan had several areas that may have caused me to fail. The gentleman I worked with took the time to see that I could be successful, and his assistance allowed me to believe I could work and be successful with four young children! My business plan passed on the second draft, and I was on my way to work again. I could then believe, and I felt hope!

I worked with the Economic Development Center for over a year, and then accepted the funding they offered. On June 8 of this year, the city verbally approved occupancy for Amor Provencher Salon LLC, my home salon. I have been successfully growing, with new clients being added daily.

Today, as I share my experience with many of my clients, I hear a lot of “I didn’t know that was there” or “I never heard of them, and I’ve been in business for 20 years.” I would like to fulfill my Mrs. Maine platform advocating for others to follow in my footsteps. If you are looking to start your own business, now is the time to start! With the help of Sanford‘s Small Business Development Center, you too can find the self confidence to work toward what you love!

Thank you again to the people at Sanford‘s Small Business Development Center, from the bottom of my heart, to allow me to get back into work! Amor Provencher Salon would have never been possible without your love, help, and hard work.

Cassandra Provencher

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