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Crystal Tidwell Kiss Creations Portland - Maine SBDCIt’s always a fascinating occurrence when someone experiments with a new hobby and finds that not only do they enjoy it but they have the capability to turn it into a profitable business! Crystal Tidwell did just that, amidst the pandemic she started playing around with laser cutting; creating topo maps and other designs made out of wood using the laser cutting device. Crystal found herself genuinely enjoying the work in addition to receiving positive feedback and decided to turn this hobby/side hustle into a small business, naming her business Kiss Creations. To officially start her new business, she had to find ways to access some additional capital for start-up costs such as acquiring a larger laser device. She began the process of applying for the CEI Wicked Fast Loan, and that’s how Crystal found herself being directed to the Maine Small Business Development Centers. 

Loan - Laser Cutter - Kiss Creations Portland - Maine SBDCFrom there Christina Oddleifson, Maine SBDC Business Advisor, worked with Crystal on the application process for the CEI loan and each step of starting a small business. The loan application process requires a year of cash flow projections, which Christina advised Crystal on how to properly create. The two also closely analyzed setting up sales tax, insurance, proper pricing and marketing strategies, and developing a lean business plan to ensure Crystal’s success with Kiss Creations. 

Crystal successfully received the CEI Wicked Fast Loan, which will help her with the working capital and inventory for Kiss Creation to officially start. Crystal is now set to officially launch her new business, being a prime example of turning an enjoyable hobby into a small business! 

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Lotus -  Kiss Creations Portland - Maine SBDC Earrings - Kiss Creations Portland - Maine SBDC Earrings - Kiss Creations Portland - Maine SBDC Earrings - Kiss Creations Portland - Maine SBDC