Ease Massage & Manual Therapy – Saco

Ease Massage & Manual Therapy LogoStefani Sellers has always been passionate about healing and helping others. This is why she launched her business, Ease Massage & Manual Therapy, in 2022. Ease is Maine’s only nationally board-certified medical massage therapy practice certified in manual lymphatic drainage. She provides her clients with effective healing solutions tailored to their individual needs including massage therapy, manual therapy, manual lymph drainage, and Reiki.

Stefani met Anne Lancaster, Maine SBDC at USM Business Advisor, at an event and they began working together on overall business strategy. From the outset, Anne recognized Stefani’s potential for growth and worked closely with her to develop a comprehensive plan encompassing operations, marketing, sales strategy, and possibilities for business expansion.

Stefani Sellers, owner of Ease Massage & Manual Therapy, giving a massage, smiling  Their work together paid off. Stefani was able to secure a Regional Hub Financial Grant as well as a Technical Assistance Grant for bookkeeping services from the Southern Maine Planning & Development Commission (SMPDC). These resources bolstered Stefani’s confidence and provided the necessary foundation for her business to grow and thrive.

With Anne’s help and the financial support from SMPDC, Stefani has reached a significant milestone in her entrepreneurial journey—a new location for her growing business. Located at 209 Main Street, Suite 303 in Saco, Ease Massage & Manual Therapy is a safe and welcoming place dedicated to easing pain, easing minds, and easing souls. 

   Stefani comments on her work with Anne, “I have told many business owners to start with the SBDC to help them get started, work on a business plan, explore funding options, and general advice.”

To celebrate this success, Ease Massage Therapy & Manual Therapy will be hosting a ribbon cutting with the Biddeford-Saco Chamber of Commerce on February 28thFor more information about this growing business, visit their Website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Photo Credit: Nat Nelson, Blue Moon Photography