Bolton Electric – Windham

Bolton Electric LogoEdward Bolton started his electrical journey in high school vocational training. After working in the industry for many years as an employee, he was more than ready to start his own business. Eddie wanted to take his knowledge and work ethic and focus it on a business that he could proudly call his own. His wife Meredith has always believed in Eddie’s dream and was happy to help kick-start the administrative side of the business.

Meredith knew that to have a successful business, she would need to do it all correctly and by the book. She needed a supportive, knowledgeable resource to help her file the appropriate paperwork and answer her questions. 

For assistance, Meredith connected with Maine SBDC Business Advisor Chris Cole. Chris and Meredith worked together on a business plan and LLC formation. Meredith also needed assistance with bookkeeping. Chris arranged sessions with specialty contractor Kitty Barbee of Barbee Business Solutions to help set up the chart of accounts. 

Well lighted room with book shelves, lighting done by Bolton ElectricBolton Electric officially opened in January 2022. Bolton Electric provides residential electrical services and primarily works directly with contractors. When asked about being a business owner, Eddie comments, “I love the independence, pride of having my name on the work that I do, work-life balance flexibility,  and making money that reflects the work that I do.” He also notes common challenges of “time management, learning how to say no, and not taking on too much at once.” 

Since the launch, Meredith has continued to reach out to the SBDC whenever she needs assistance. “Chris was always available to answer my questions via email or Zoom. She helped me and Eddie feel more comfortable and confident in navigating as a new small business.”

For those thinking about reaching out to the Maine SBDC, the Bolton’s encourage you to do so. “You can get as little or as much help as you need. They are an invaluable resource for any business needing assistance, with no agenda other than to help you succeed.”

For more information about Bolton Electric, visit their Facebook page here.