Success Stories

Client Success Stories

Linx Construction & Contracting – Auburn

James Watson and Christina Ramsdell look proud in front of a new truckAll successful businesses need to solve a problem, and while these may vary in size and seriousness, your target market is seeking solutions and you want to be the one to provide them!

Like James Watson, of Linx Construction & Contracting, who knows personally the dangers involved with lead poisoning and how it can affect people’s lives. He wanted to create a Lead Abatement company, which could also offer construction, carpentry, siding & trash removal. Since Maine has a goal of being lead-free by 2035, and every construction company will need to be certified for lead abatement in the future, his services will soon be in high demand. Read More

Fantastic Beasts – Sebago

Dr. Sarah Spindell of Fantastic Beasts Veterinary Care holding a black and white cat.As many small business owners know, being “customer-focused” is key to business success.  This means always thinking about ways to improve your customer’s experience and solve their problems. But when your customers are beloved dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, goats, and “other small furries” you want them to have the best experience possible.  That’s why Dr. Sarah Spindell decided to launch her small business, Fantastic Beasts Veterinary Care, as a mobile practice. Read More

Janie Bell Mosaics – York

 Jeanette Bell, of Janie Bell Mosaics, is a retired teacher and a self-taught art and crafts enthusiast. Her passion for mosaic craft started when she was living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She loved the colors of the high desert and the access to beautiful tiles from Mexico. In 2018, Jeanette relocated to New England and settled in York, where she started creating mosaic pieces as a hobby. Her creations were so unique and beautiful that they caught the attention of her friends, who encouraged her to start a small business. Read More

Depot Square Hardware & Variety – Mechanic Falls

Chad Boulet (right) and Scott Hunter(left) proudly stand in front of their store front, below a sign that reads Depot Square Hardware & Variety. After a career managing grocery stores, Chad Boulet and his husband Scott Hunter, decided to embark on a new career and purchased their local hardware store! Depot Square Hardware & Variety is located in downtown Mechanic Falls, and throughout the pandemic their business actually grew as people relied on them for goods and services rather than larger area chain stores. Chad was referred to the Maine SBDC by his lender during the purchasing process to help put together some of the required paperwork. 

Connecting with Maine SBDC at AVCOG Center Director and Business Advisor Lori Allen helped him understand each step along the way. Lori reviewed his business plan, providing market research and general feedback. Then together they created realistic financial projections based on that market research as well as the previous owners’ P&L statements. Read More

Sacred Paws – Porter

Stephanie Smith of Sacred Paws smiles while squatting on a sunny sandy beach with two dogs. Stephanie R. Smith, M. Ed., CHES, CCDT has felt connected to animals since she was very young. Though she wasn’t totally sure how this would play out over the course of her life, she had a gut feeling that she was headed in the right direction! Opening Sacred Paws, a heart-centered holistic positive reinforcement canine behavioral support, training, and nutrition business in Porter, connected her head and her heart in a way that felt affirming. Yet she knew she needed to continue to grow and become more effective at business planning in order to thrive. Read More

Smile4ME Dental Hygiene – Richmond

Jessica Alexander is another inspiring small business owner who proved that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. Before starting her independent practice Smile4ME Dental Hygiene, Jess was a passionate dental hygienist with 16 years of experience in the industry. However, in 2021 she was looking for a change and felt ready to bring those skills to her hometown. Read More

Maine Sol Botanicals – Scarborough

Katie DeLorme is a woman of many talents! She has taken her background in Integrative Physical Therapy and Health Coaching and blended it with her ever-expanding knowledge in organic gardening, permaculture principles, herbalism, and beekeeping. She brings this wisdom and passion into being a small business owner, focusing on self-care and healing. Katie has taken her blended background to develop a unique line of plant-based products for health and wellness, many from her organically grown botanicals, beeswax, and honey. Maine Sol Botanicals features small-batch, artisan, skin care creations hand-crafted with climate-friendly, ethically sourced ingredients. She offers a variety of soaps, salves, and scrubs plus other natural skin care products. Read More

Brant & Cochran – South Portland

Brant & Cochran is the only company in the world hand-forging Maine wedge pattern axes these days! There used to be a vibrant edge tool industry in Maine, but it dwindled to nothing in the 1960’s. Their goal is to honor that heritage by bringing quality axe-making back to Maine and there’s certainly not a lack of demand! Mark Ferguson, one of the partners behind Brand & Cochran, approached the Maine SBDC for help putting together an expansion plan in order to keep up with the heavy demand behind this heritage idea! Read More

Bare Bones Handsewn – Lewiston

Bare Bones Handsewn is a very small team of outstandingly skilled craftspeople who are working earnestly to nurture and encourage the pride, history, and integrity of Maine shoe manufacturing community. Renee Robitaille and partner Roland Gauthier love having the creative freedom to practice fine shoe-making while celebrating the skills learned from past generations of family and mentors. But like many entrepreneurs, they have found it challenging to find solutions for each small challenge that arose throughout the day. And when they quickly needed to expand to cover their new wholesale orders she reached out to the Maine SBDC for help! Read More

Evolution K9 – Sangerville

Three dogs sit patiently waiting for a cue from their trainer who is standing on the side with their hand up. Melissa Pitcher opened her business, Evolution K9-Maine, to help guide and educate pet owners. They offer dog training and daycare services that allow pet owners to better understand and improve their relationships with their pets.  Read More