Tools & Templates

Amortization Schedule
…a schedule depicting the gradual reduction of debt by means of equal periodic payments sufficient to meet current interest and liquidate the debt at maturity.

Balance Sheet
…an itemized statement that lists the total assets and the total liabilities of a given business to portray its net worth at a given moment of time.

Break Even Analysis
…an analysis to determine the point at which revenue received equals the costs associated with receiving the revenue.

Business Entities
…a brief outline that compares the various types of business structures

Business Plan 
…a written document that outlines goals and how they will be achieved.

Business Plan Guidelines
…this document gives an outline of a well-structured business plan.

Cash Flow 
…a forecast that predicts the cash coming in and the cash going out of a business over future periods of time.

Common Business Entities
…broadly introduces a new entrepreneur to the different forms of business entities.

Feasibility Study
…used to determine the probably success of a new business.

Marketing Plan
…a written document that describes the current market position of a business and its marketing strategy over a period of time.

Profit/Lost Statement (P&L)
…also known as an income statement shows a business’s revenue and expenses for a specific period of time. The difference between the total revenue and the total expenses is the business’s net income, be it a profit or a loss.

Schedule of Liabilities
…depicts any loans, expenses, or any other form of claims on the assets of an entity that must be paid or otherwise honored by that entity.

Startup Checklist
…this document gives an overview of the steps necessary in starting a small business.