Health & Safety

Man hanging sign in widow that says 'We are Open Again' with informational icons below for COVID safetyKeeping your employees (and yourself!) healthy and safe as you reopen your business is essential to maintaining operations. Without your human resources, could your business operate? The actions you take now will influence whether the pandemic has further economic impact on your business. 

 Plan for the worst (hope for the best)! Now is the time to consider what would happen if you and/or an employee got sick? How close do employees work and how can you prevent the spread of COVID? If an employee gets sick, will you need to shut down? For how long? Can you sustain your business during a shutdown? What are your cleaning procedures? 

Below we have outlined where you can find guidance on keeping your business safe. These include recommendations and requirements from the State of Maine, OSHA and CDC. Please refer to these two organizations for their complete, comprehensive guidance for small businesses and other valuable resources.

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