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Year In Review

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Small businesses sought stability as the business landscape continued to evolve in 2022. With the lingering effects of the pandemic and the possibility of an economic recession on the horizon, plenty of challenges still lie ahead. But, for the first time in years, business owners were able to look forward and create a plan with confidence, giving them a sense of control over their futures.

In 2022, Maine SBDC worked with thousands of small businesses to strategize and navigate this next phase with confidence. While common challenges like high inflation and tight labor markets persist, business owners are eager to get back to the basics, focusing on their business plans, marketing strategy, and financial projections.

Our team of business advisors is enthusiastic to help and guide these resilient entrepreneurs. Business advisors are a trusted resource for business owners, helping them to more confidently navigate the challenges and rewards of business ownership and guiding them in making critical decisions that impact their futures.

As we move into a new year, you can count on our team to be here, working alongside business owners to build a stronger and brighter future for Maine’s economy.

Serving over 2,000 entrepreneurs in 2022

Headshot of Mark Delisle

Mark Delisle
State Director

Headshot of Jennifer Boutin

Jennifer Boutin
Associate State Director of Operations

Headshot of Lori Allen

Lori Allen
Center Director & Business Advisor, Auburn

Headshot of Peter Harriman

Peter Harriman
Center Director & Business Advisor, Portland

Headshot of Raynor Large

Raynor Large
Center Director & Business Advisor, Brunswick

Headshot of Alison Lane

Alison Lane
Associate Center Director & Business Advisor, Bangor

Headshot of Christine Cole

Christine Cole
Business Advisor, Portland

Headshot of Anne Lancaster

Anne Lancaster
Business Advisor, Biddeford

Headshot of Ann McAlhany

Ann McAlhany
Business Advisor, Bangor

Headshot of Christina Oddleifson

Christina Oddleifson
Business Advisor, Portland

Headshot of Peter Piconi

Peter Piconi
Business Advisor, Waterville

Headshot of Christina Ramsdell

Christina Ramsdell
Business Advisor, Auburn

Headshot of Jenn Stein

Jenn Stein
Business Advisor, Wiscasset

Headshot of Stephanie Case

Stephanie Case
Admin & Data Manager

Headshot of Elise Devon

Elise Devon
Director of Finance & Grant Management

Headshot of Kelsey Riordan

Kelsey Riordan
Project Coordinator


Making an Impact

Making an impact in communities across Maine: With the guidance and expertise of business advisors throughout Maine, entrepreneurs develop the skills necessary to meet their goals, create successful businesses, and improve the local economies in which they reside. In 2022, business advisors provided one-on-one guidance to entrepreneurs and business owners which resulted in…

0 Clients Advised
0 Hours of Advising
0 New Businesses Started
0 Jobs Created & Saved
$ 0
Million in Capital Accessed

Serving & Supporting

Serving all of Maine’s entrepreneurs and small businesses, including those in underserved markets: Business advisors work with each entrepreneur to provide the unique assistance needed in order for them to achieve their goals. In 2022, Maine SBDC also developed new, no-cost resources for non-English speaking entrepreneurs on essential topics of owning and operating a small business in Maine.

In 2022, Maine SBDC clients consisted of…

  • 53% Women Entrepreneurs
  • 34% Rural Entrepreneurs
  • 30% Young Entrepreneurs (35 years or younger)
  • 12% Minority Entrepreneurs (Nonwhite/Hispanic)
  • 10% Entrepreneurs with Low-to-Moderate Income
  • 9% Entrepreneurs with Disabilities
  • 7% Veteran & Military-Connected Entrepreneurs

GIF slideshow of small business owners throughout Maine the Maine SBDC helped in 2022
Group photo of Maine SBDC team

Working Together

Working Together to Better Serve Small Businesses: In 2022, nearly 15% of clients met with more than one business advisor. Virtual meetings allow clients to seek guidance and expertise from multiple business advisors across the state. Maine SBDC business advisors are qualified professionals with diverse education and business backgrounds. While every Maine SBDC business advisor has the expertise to provide general business guidance, they each have unique experiences and skill sets that deepen our ability to serve clients.


Learning & Empowering

Providing access to free educational opportunities on subjects that matter to entrepreneurs and business owners: Maine SBDC is dedicated to empowering and educating business owners to start and operate sustainable businesses. In addition to on-demand eCourses, Maine SBDC offered live webinars and an expansive YouTube library to provide accessible information to business owners across Maine. In 2022, four eCourses and two resource guides were translated into Somali and French for non-English learners.

89 Live webinars, 12 e-courses (4 available in French & Somali), and over 1000 webinar and e-course particpants

Inspiring Confidence

Business advising inspires clarity and confidence to build sustainable businesses: More than 95% of clients said they would recommend their business advisor. Clients comment on the insightful, helpful, and knowledgeable advising services. After meeting with a business advisor, they feel supported, encouraged, and inspired to more confidently run their businesses.

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As I learned very quickly, starting a business can be difficult and overwhelming in the beginning, especially when you don’t have much of a business background. However, being able to connect with the Maine SBDC and work closely with Tina helped to make the process go much smoother. Tina was very patient and always willing to meet with us and answer our many questions. She helped break things down in a way that made everything seem more manageable and gave me the confidence to keep moving forward on this new journey. I’m so glad to have had the Maine SBDC as a resource in starting Groove 207!

Haley Bauman, Groove 207

By The Numbers

Return On Investment

Return on investment for the Maine SBDC is evaluated, analyzed, and reviewed annually through an independent study conducted by Dr. James Chrisman at Mississippi State University. His findings are based on information provided by a survey of clients meeting with a Maine SBDC business advisor for at least five hours. Dr. Chrisman’s most recent report indicates that for every dollar invested in the Maine SBDC, $3.80 was returned in incremental tax revenue.



$1 invested in a small blue circle         $3.80 Incremental Tax Revenue in big purple circle.
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For every dollar invested in the Maine SBDC, $3.80 was returned in incremental tax revenue.

– Maine SBDC Economic Impact Study: 2020-2021

5-Year Trends

Over 2,000 entrepreneurs turned to the Maine SBDC in 2022 to help navigate the process of starting, managing, or growing their businesses. With the guidance and expertise of business advisors, these entrepreneurs develop the skills necessary to meet their goals, create successful businesses, and improve the local economies in which they reside.

Bar Chart - Capital Formation indicating 5 year trend of $38.9 million in 2018, $26.7 million in 2019, and $38.3 million in 2020, $48.7 million in 2021, $30.3 million in 2022
Bar Chart - New Businesses Started indicating 5 year trend of 136 in 2018, 133 in 2019, 93 in 2020, 136 in 2021, and 129 in 2022
Bar Chart - Jobs created and saved indicating 5 year trend of 810 in 2018, 600 in 2019, 514 in 2020, 917 in 2021, and 591 in 2022
Headshot of Dani Rockey

“SBDC was a great sounding board, they gave advice when asked for as well as ideas, suggestions and options for the things I needed. SBDC has been a great partner to have next to me while I grow.”

– Dani Rockey, Seacoast Senior Advisors

Client Composition

Client Composition chart in varying shads of grey and light green. 

3.2% Real Estate, Rental & Leasing

3.4% Administrative & Support

5.3% Construction

6.5% Manufacturing

7.4% Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services

7.5% Health Care & Social Assistance

7.6% Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting

9.2% Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation

14.1% Accommodation & Food Service

14.7% Retail Trade

21.1% Various Industries


Dark teal rectangle with two columns of client information. Client Status make up is 59% new businesses and 41% existing businesses. With Client groups breaking down to 53% Women, 12% Minorities, and 7% Veteran & Military Connected


Results by County

Results By County

Philip Browne the owner of Skipper Services LLC is a white man with dark hair and a greying beard, he is smiling and wearing a pale orange t-shirt and brown pants. He is standing on his boat, floating on calm Maine ocean coast.

Peter H. and the SBDC were absolutely essential in helping me organize and develop the formation of my business.

– Philip Browne, Skipper Services LLC

Financial Overview

Source Description of FUNDING breaks down as follows, Federal SBA - $1,187,466 or 45% State DECD - $783,684 or 29% Host Organizations - $456,387 or 17% University of Southern Maine - $110,400 or 4% Community Development Block Grant - $100,000 or 4% Contracts: State Other - $35,000 or 1% Program Income, Sponsorships, Misc. - $13,058 or

Excludes USM cost share and in-kind contributions of $526,713

Expense Description of expenditures breaks down as follows, Personnel - 1,932,382 or 73% Indirect Costs - 281,932 or 11% Operating Expenses - 220,618 or 8% Contracted Program Services - 123,300 or 5% Deferred Expenses - 86,858 or 3% Travel - 38,002 or 1% Equipment & Software - 2,903 or

*Various project years normalized to calendar year format

Client Stories

The SBDC is a cooperative effort that leverages federal, state, and higher education resources to help entrepreneurs and small businesses to start, grow and succeed.

The U.S. Small Business Administration funds and administers the nationwide SBDC program to assist current and prospective business owners. Working with local SBA district offices, SBDC offers services tailored to local communities and individual clients to help promote entrepreneurship and small business growth.

The State of Maine provides funding through DECD support to the Maine SBDC program. Maine SBDC and DECD work together to support business development and economic growth throughout Maine by ensuring entrepreneurs and small business owners can confidently navigate the process of starting and growing their businesses.

Over 45 years ago, the University of Southern Maine (USM) piloted the Maine SBDC to provide essential management assistance and education to Maine’s small businesses and entrepreneurs. Since those initial days, USM has continued to provide critical support and guidance on the operation of the SBDC program across the State.

The Maine Technology Institute (MTI) provides funding to the Maine SBDC program. Maine SBDC and MTI share common goals, including the development of individual entrepreneurs within the State of Maine towards sustainable economic growth.

Critical to the Maine SBDC’s success are the partner organizations that staff our business advisors across Maine. These long term partners include:

Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments (AVCOG) has two SBDC business advisors. AVCOG is a regional planning agency serving Western Maine communities including Androscoggin, Franklin, and Oxford Counties.

Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI) has six SBDC business advisors located throughout Central Maine. CEI is a Community Development Corporation that helps grow good jobs, environmentally sustainable enterprises, and shared prosperity in Maine and other rural regions.

Northern Maine Development Commission staff has one SBDC business advisor. NMDC is a regional planning and economic development organization serving Aroostook and Washington Counties.