• Client: Brinn Flagg
  • Business: AWEN
  • Location: Scarborough
  • County: Cumberland
  • Client Since: 2021
  • Business Advisor: Chris Cole

AWEN is an educational and counseling service for friends, partners, and parents of people with substance use disorder. Brinn Flagg used her experience with her sister’s substance use disorder to become a certified coach and counselor. Brinn came to the Maine SBDC in the midst of COVID restrictions when networking opportunities were non-existent. In their initial meeting, Chris Cole, business advisor at the Maine SBDC at the University of Southern Maine (USM), suggested a few potential partners and connected Brinn with SBDC Marketing Specialist, Corey Zimmerman of the WanderWeb.

They all worked together to identify Brinn’s ideal clients and make necessary updates to her website and social media pages. They also encouraged Brinn to participate in Upstart Maine, a community-based organization that connects businesses with resource partners. Not only was AWEN featured in Upstart Maine’s Innovation Nights in April 2022, but they also won ‘Best Upcoming Entrepreneur’!

Brinn commented, ‘Working with Chris and Corey was beyond supportive and helpful when I was still navigating what I wanted the business to be. You need a helping hand learning about the ins and outs of starting a business and I’m so grateful for those first meetings.’