Trailside Gardens

  • Client: Pauline Eldredge 
  • Business: Trailside Gardens 
  • Location: Abbot 
  • County: Piscataquis 
  • Client Since: March 2020 
  • Business Advisor: Ann McAlhany

For eight years, Trailside Gardens in Abbot has offered an impressive selection of healthy plants and flowers. As a small nursery, business owner Pauline Eldredge was facing supply issues and decided this was a good opportunity to expand her business. She was ready to increase her inventory and to purchase her own greenhouse where she would grow her own products. She had the vision and the skills, she just needed funding to support this growth.

The pandemic left Pauline feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about taking on this new growth project. Working with Maine SBDC Business Advisor Ann McAlhany, the pair discussed her options and broke the project down into smaller steps to make them manageable. Together, they developed a comprehensive business plan and financial projections. With these done, Pauline was able to secure several sources of funding to help grow her business.  

Maine SBDC, specifically Ann McAlhany, was essential and instrumental in accomplishing my business goals. What was an overwhelming and daunting process before me became organized and achievable with her guidance and help.