Timberwolves Restaurant

  • Client: Michael Stiggle
  • Business: Timberwolves BBQ
  • Location: Mars Hill
  • County: Aroostook
  • Client Since: August 2010
  • Business Advisor: Brandon McDonald


Michael Stiggle and his family at Timberwolves BBQ are dedicated to offering exceptional and diverse fare. Located in Mars Hill, just one mile from the Canadian border, DownEast magazine designated them the “Best Burger in Maine” in August 2020. This was no surprise to customers who comment on the exceptional food, service, ambiance, and on Mike’s warm and genuine welcome. When COVID-19 pandemic hit, Timberwolves BBQ expanded its product offerings, allowing customers to try their hand at cooking at home through its sauce line-up.

Michael, who has owned several restaurants throughout his esteemed career as a chef, has turned to the Maine SBDC for assistance with business planning in the past. Most recently, he worked with Maine SBDC Business Advisor Brandon McDonald to better understand his customers, secure pandemic assistance funds, and solidify his position as one of the best in Aroostook County. 

Without the SBDC’s help & Brandon’s assistance, we would not be able to be open during this difficult time. I appreciate the SBDC for all that they do to keep businesses operating & providing them with the assistance they need now, more than ever.