Sixberry Solutions

  • Client: Noah & Ashley Sixberry
  • Business: Sixberry Solutions
  • Location: Skowhegan
  • County: Somerset
  • Client Since: September 2022
  • Business Advisor: Peter Piconi
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Noah and Ashley Sixberry of Sixberry Solutions in Skowhegan
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Noah and Ashley Sixberry started Sixberry Solutions to bring quality website design and effective marketing strategies to Maine small businesses. Having grown up in Maine, they recognized that digital marketing has not been easy for many and that small businesses need to be inventive with their marketing strategies.

Noah connected with Maine SBDC at CEI Business Advisor Peter Piconi to discuss navigating business growth. They spent time assessing the business model and considered immediate needs as well as long-term strategies for growth. They determined that a small loan would be helpful and Peter helped Noah develop a business plan, which ultimately was approved. They also developed a communication strategy, as Noah was participating in a Skowhegan pitch contest.

To better understand Noah’s accounting software, they brought in Maine SBDC at USM Business Advisor Tina Oddleifson to co-advise, utilizing her expertise in QuickBooks. As a result of their work together, Sixberry Solutions was able to consolidate their debt and free up capital to work on projects they had been dreaming about pursuing. They also had one of their best months of business.

Noah commented, “Stick with your advisor, even if you have a question you do not think they have the answer to…the team is very close and can quickly set up a meeting to help you answer any questions.”