Maine Sol Botanicals

  • Client: Katie DeLorme
  • Business: Maine Sol Botanicals
  • Location: Scarborough
  • County: Cumberland
  • Client Since: March 2022
  • Business Advisor: Chris Cole
Maine Sol Botanicals Logo
Maine Sol Botanicals products including an oatmeal soap and creams

Katie DeLorme combined her background in Integrative Physical Therapy and Health Coaching with her knowledge of gardening, permaculture, herbalism, and beekeeping to start her business Maine Sol Botanicals. She offers a variety of soaps, salves, and other skin care products that are hand-crafted with ethically sourced ingredients.

Katie had already been making salves and teas as gifts for years. She thought about opening her own business and she reached out to the Maine SBDC. Connecting with Maine SBDC at USM Business Advisor Susan Desgrosseilliers, they developed a strategy that fit Katie’s vision. They discussed marketing, financials, trademarks, and regulations. Katie continued working with SBDC business advisor Chris Cole to build her wholesale catalog and work towards meeting the financial goals of the business.

Since launching in 2022, Katie has been growing her business, and sharing her products while educating about holistic self-care remedies through her website and hosting classes.

Katie commented: “There is a wealth of experience in SBDC with assistance for a wide range of business needs…They are easily accessible and provide ideas and resources at no cost. SBDC can help you. You don’t have to do it alone.”