Long Shot Revival Homestead

  • Client: Joe Brown
  • Business: The Long Shot Revival Homestead
  • Location: Orland
  • County: Hancock 
  • Client Since: July 2018
  • Business Advisor: Shannon Byers


The Long Shot Revival Homestead is a family farm owned and run by Joe and Haley Brown. Joe is an Army National Guard veteran and initially thought farming and raising pigs would be a therapeutic outlet as he transitioned back to civilian life. Starting off with just a few piglets, Maine SBDC Business Advisor Shannon Byers helped them get organized and explored options for expansion, leading to the addition of poultry to the farm.

The pandemic had a unique impact on the homestead due to the national gridlock in the meat processing industry. Having already begun offering small batch meat processing, this became the focus and business was booming. Working hard to stay positive and continue to provide healthy local food, Joe’s dedication and compassion for keeping people healthy transcended eating habits to a real sense of community in a time when many felt very isolated.