1 Earth Composting

  • Client: Matt & Katie Saunders
  • Business: 1 Earth Composting
  • Location: Hampden
  • County: Penobscot
  • Client Since: August 2022
  • Business Advisor: Alison Lane
Matt and Katie Saunders with young son smiling at their composting business, 1 Earth Composting
Matt Saunders working at composting business, 1 Earth Composting
Kids helping out at their family business, 1 Earth Composting
Matt Saunders with young son on machine at their composting business, 1 Earth Composting

Katie and Matt Saunders are passionate about environmental sustainability. Katie, a family nurse practitioner, and her husband Matt, a professional chef for over 20 years and stay-at-home dad to their three children, saw a need for a residential and commercial composting service in the greater Bangor, Maine area.

As first-time business owners, Katie and Matt needed guidance to understand how to start and operate their new endeavor and were connected with Alison Lane, Maine SBDC at CEI Associate Center Director and Business Advisor. Alison helped them polish their business plan, prepare financial projections, and time their phased approach. They also dug into finding funding, conducting market research, and creating a website. When it came time to launch, Alison suggested they put out a press release, which greatly increased their visibility right from the get-go.

Katie and Matt Saunders successfully launched 1 Earth Composting, a composting business that offers subscriptions for curbside pickups of compostable materials. Long term, the Saunders are working on purchasing property to expand services.

Matt commented, “It’s very satisfying to know we are working to help our own community tackle climate change/waste. [The Maine SBDC] is a great resource that can help your small business succeed and get off the ground!”