Business Advisors

Jenn Stein

Food Systems Business Advisors

Maine SBDC at CEI

Email: Jenn Stein

Phone: 207-535-2928

Maine SBDC Business Advisor Since 2020

Advising Specialties: Food Businesses, Systems and Start Ups, Hospitality, Marketing, Social and Digital Platforms.

Education: Jenn holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Communications at California Polytechnic State University and will receive her E-MBA from the Quantic School of Business and Technology in November 2020.

Professional Background: Jenn has a diverse background in digital marketing, branding, and social media, as well as extensive hospitality and food industry, focused experience. She has experience starting and running her own snack company and as GM at Fork Food Lab worked with many companies and the local community to create events and various selling channels for Fork members.

Certifications: ServSave Manager Certified. HAACP Certified.