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Brad Swanson

Master Certified Business Advisor

Maine SBDC at CEI

Location: Augusta, Brunswick
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Territory: Sagadahoc, Kennebec and Cumberland Counties

Email: Brad Swanson

Phone: 207-620-3521

Maine SBDC Business Advisor Since 1992

Advising Specialties: Franklin Covey Management Principals, Organizational growth and development, Strategic Planning, Boatbuilding, Marine services, Composite manufacturing

Education: B.A. in Psychology, University of Maine; M.B.A. in Organization and Management, University of New Hampshire; Advance Graduate Studies in Counseling & Human Development, University of Southern Maine

Professional Background: Small business and organizational management and development

Accomplishments, honors, recognitions: Maine SBDC’s State Star – 2001; Maine SBDC State Director’s Certificate of Performance Excellence – 2007; Maine Certified Master Business Counselor; New England Professional Development Instructor; Certified Franklin Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective Small Business Managers – Facilitator; Certified Edward Lowe Foundation Perspectives – Facilitator; Maine Development Foundation – Leadership Maine Pi Class; Certified Mediator (transpersonal)

Memberships: Maine Development Foundation, Edward Lowe Foundation, Franklin Covey

Fun Fact: Pinions are a bird’s primary flight feather. A crow has one less than a raven. So the difference between a crow and a raven is really just a matter of a pinion.

Client Comments:

  • I am incredibly pleased with the business counseling I have received from Brad. He has broadened my view of what is involved in running a business and has helped to keep me focused on the big picture.
  • This service is invaluable to small business start-ups. Brad Swanson is particularly good at his job! Thanks for providing this fabulous resource.