Developing Your Business Plan (updated)

User Rating: 8.25
Cost: Free
Release Date: 04/24/2007
Run Time:~49 mins for 2 modules
Audience:Startup, nascent, existing
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Support Material

Please download the support material before taking the course.

This two part workshop explores the essentials of a good business plan and offers a complete walk-through of the finanical statements.

The presentation is delivered in two modules, the Business Plan and the Business Plan Financials.

What users are saying:

"It may seem intimidating at first but once into the program, it is most knowlegable. You learn from it."

"The break-even analysis demonstration and instructions for preparing a cash flow statement for a start up business were helpful."

"Presentation was very well put together and very informative."

" I just loved the workshop, it gave me so much information."

"Excellent presentation. Easy to understand and retain information."

"It was clear and consise, excellent"

"Keep up the good work. It is not as scarry as I thought it would be."

"This program is great. I have a free business course that I can attend at my convenience. I work full time and have 5 children. This is a wonderful idea for busy parents trying to start their own business."

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