Capability Statement for Small Contractors

Though, used extensively in Government Contracting, A Capability Statement is not just for government procurement.  This handy marketing tool can be used anywhere, at anytime.  Keep a few copies in the truck. 

A capability statement is usually a brief 1 or 2 page document used to market or promote your business. As the name implies, it informs your existing and potential customers about your capabilities:

  • Who you are
  • What you sell 
  • What specific qualifications
It should highlight your products and services; as well as your specific business capabilities.  It is a snap shot of your company and serves as "a resume for your business!" 

Contractor Talk
 Forums and blogs for small contractors.  A great place to hang out, ask questions of others in the trades and help others with small contracting business and construction issues.

Developing a Cash Flow Projection
 Every business requires cash to get started and operate. Having a realistic budget to get started and developing a cash flow will be instrumental in forumlating your business plan. Use the form below to think through your startup costs and how your monthly expenses can influence your business operations. Pay close attention to Cash (Working Capital), as this amount is the reserve needed to run your business before you begin collecting sales. It is said that Cash flow is more important than profit. Without ready access to cash, your company can not operate.

Finding your break-even
 A good way to assess the feasibility of a business is to look at the break-even point. This is the point at which you are covering all your cost, but not yet realizing a profit.

State of Maine Small Construction Contract
 General Contract for small construction projects that are under $50,000.  


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