New Center Director & Business Advisor in our Portland Center


Maine SBDC names Peter Harriman as Center Director

Portland, Maine – The Maine Small Business Development Centers (Maine SBDC), a program that provides business advising and training to Maine’s entrepreneurs and small businesses, recently named Business Advisor Peter Harriman to Center Director at the Portland office located at the University of Southern Maine. Within this new role, Harriman will oversee operations at both the Portland and Saco offices, including the management of three business advisors. He will also continue to advise entrepreneurs and small businesses in the greater Portland area.

Harriman has been a business advisor with the Maine SBDC for over three years. In this time, he has spent thousands of hours advising hundreds of clients toward success. He was named Maine SBDC’s 2018 State Star, an award given annually to recognize exemplary performance and commitment to small business success. Peter can be reached by calling 207-780-4949 or emailing

Maine SBDC hires Susan Desgrosseilliers as Business Advisor

The Maine SBDC has also hired Susan Desgrosseilliers as a Business Advisor in their Portland office located at the University of Southern Maine. Desgrosseilliers will provide business advising to new and existing entrepreneurs and small businesses in Cumberland County.

Desgrosseilliers has a Bachelors degree from the University of Southern Maine. She has owned and operated several small businesses including a high-end design showroom and a property development and management company. She has also held positions with the City of Portland, the Rockland/Thomaston Chamber of Commerce and several real estate agencies. She can be reached by calling 207-780-4949 or emailing

TGN Detailing

Have you ever gotten your vehicle detailed and felt the stress of dropping your vehicle off for service and not having access to your vehicle for a full day? Anyone who has gotten their vehicle detailed will tell you this is the biggest downside to the service. Although many people take pride in their vehicles and want clean rides, sometimes the hassle of not having a vehicle to use during the day stops people dead in their tracks. This inconvenience is what sparked Taylor Nadeau’s creative juices to open a mobile detailing business. Nadeau has been detailing vehicles on the side for years and has worked for local dealerships in the past, and in his experience, it was always a challenge getting clients to drop off and leave their vehicle for any extended amount of time. Nadeau saw the inconvenience this caused clients as an opportunity for himself.

In January of 2018, Nadeau approached Josh Nadeau of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Northern Maine Development Commission where he pitched his business plan. The SBDC helped answer a lot of my preliminary business questions as far as getting a formal business established, said Taylor. It was with the SBDC that I also formulated a business plan with complete financial projections for the first year of business. “Detailing cars as a side gig is one thing but getting done your day job and diving into this as my only source of income was a scary thought. The time I spent working on projections really helped me to feel more at ease about taking the next big step into self-employment. “Read More

New Business Resource Group for Bangor Area Entrepreneurs

Business development agencies in Bangor have joined together to form the Business Resource Partners for Greater Bangor. The collaborative helps businesses grow through education, referrals, and personalized advising services. 

Maine SBDC is joined in this partnership by Eastern Maine Development Corporation (EMDC), Four Directions Development Corp., MaineStream Finance, New Ventures Maine, SCORE, and Scratchpad Accelerator. While the partners have always worked together organically, this new initiative makes it easier for area entrepreneurs to access the services they need to start and grow their businesses with the help of these nonprofit organizations.Read More

Herbal Revolution – Union, Maine

Kathi Langelier is the founder and formulator of Herbal Revolution. Herbal Revolution is a wellness products business that provides handcrafted, high quality herbal teas, tonics and elixirs. For over 20 years, Kathi has been farming and formulating botanical medicine and has a deep love for the natural world.  Based in mid-coast Maine, she grows non GMO, pesticide and chemical free herbs that are used in products on her certified organic farm.Read More

Just Published: Maine SBDC’s New Business Plan Guide

If you are thinking about writing a business plan you probably have a lot of questions.  And that’s a good thing.  You want to succeed in your business and feel competent and confident about what you’re about to do.  It’s a big deal.  The Maine Small Business Development Centers (Maine SBDC) gets it.

We can help.  That is why we developed this tool for you.



Writing a business plan is an important step in starting or expanding any business. It assists the business owner(s) by organizing information that describes the business and its operation. As such, it becomes a guide for creating strategic plans to develop a business or to better manage an existing business. A business plan can also provide the information that must be presented to a bank or other investor before a credit decision can be made. Whether you use your own funds or borrowed funds to start up or expand your business, the development of reliable and complete information in a business plan is essential.

This tool is best used in conjunction with a Maine SBDC business advisor or other professional. The Maine SBDC has been providing free business advising to Maine’s small businesses and entrepreneurs since 1977.  We have experienced, knowledgeable, certified business advisors who can help businesses at all stages to provide confidential, individualized business development assistance – at no cost. Our centers are located around the state.  Call us at 800-679-7232  or visit our website to find out how we can help you.


Time & Tide Coffee – Biddeford, Maine

Jon Phillips and Briana Campbell had long dreamed of starting their own coffee company. The New York-based couple had the perfect combination of skills. Jon had experience in all aspects of the coffee business while Briana brought the branding and marketing expertise. They dreamed of a place where they could offer the best beans, sourced by people Jon had met in his coffee travels, in a beautiful, modern environment. Read More